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My name is Otir

I have been a blogger since 1998.

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a Jew, a French woman, a divorcee, a single parent, a special need parent.
I am an immigrant, an entrepreneur, a business owner.

Thank you for visiting my pages. My hope is to offer you tips and offers that can simplify your busy lives. You can find absolutely everything if you have the time to look for them and fight the distraction. My goal is to save you that time and to provide what you are looking for in a single convenient place.



It feels like this should be my first move to know what my website is about.
It is about content
It is about learning what I have to learn to be able to pass it on
It is about paying forward for all what I have learned and I am still learning

There is so much knowlege
It needs to be organized somewhere

This is where I am doing it live.

It is just a very random dump of my experience with WordPress.

Terouma is the French spelling of a Torah portion. Torah is the Hebrew word for the Five Books of Moses that constitute the Jewish law. It is part of the Jewish Bible. Terouma (t’ruma) means gift brought to the temple, offering.


Laurence Furic

Changing the world one person at a time

Also known as Otir, I am a French female blogger living in the US and I share my views with a different perspective, on disabilities, religion, cultural differences, social media, sociological, psychological and political comments, everyday moods and events of an atypical family. I have been blogging since 2006 and gradually entered the world of social media which in turn changed my relationship with my work. I now advise small businesses and non-profit organizations on how to develop their online visibility and presence and help them navigate the new means of communication and tools that are changing today's world.

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